Pugemak-HygieneMatic is a hand hygiene automat that aims to protect people from infectious diseases, especially COVID-19.

When the person approaches the automata, the body temperature is measured with an infrared sensor, without contact and reliably. The result is displayed on the screen.

When the person extends his hand to the disinfection department, hands are disinfected without contact and reliably. The vending machine provides voice messages and warning information at this stage.

Thanks to the 24 ”(61cm) LCD screen on the vending machine, it provides the public to be informed about health issues, especially COVID-19, with all kinds of stimulating and introductory films.

Our company, which set out with the slogan of “Healthy Society, Quality Life”, aims to touch life safely.

Pugemak-Hygienematic increases the quality of life by reducing the risk of epidemic disease.

By Pugemak-HygieneMatic, usable in public institutions and organizations, schools, universities, banks, military units, companies, factories, hotels, hospitals, conference halls, gyms, student dormitories, places of worship, cinemas, cafes and restaurants, sites, residences, business centers and shopping malls. We aimed to achieve 4 social goals;

1. To ensure that the society lives in a more hygienic environment.

2. To establish a healthy life and cleanliness awareness.

3. Taking effective measures against bacteria and viruses.

4. Explaining the importance of hygiene and ensuring the growth of healthy generations.


Our basic approach with Pugemak-Hygienematic is to provide a “healthy” environment wherever people are.

It is possible to take an effective measure against viruses that are too small to see with our eyes, but that have a big impact on our life, and especially COVID-19.

For this reason, we aim to increase the awareness of our society on health and hygiene and create healthy societies.

We carry out studies to prevent the spread of viruses, to control them and to raise public awareness.

While maintaining today, creating a sustainable model for the future will continue to be our main goal.


The new type of corona virus (COVID-19), which appeared on December 1, 2019 in Wuhan, China, has rapidly spread throughout the world and has become a global epidemic, and was declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020.

Despite the preventive and protective measures taken, COVID-19 cases are seen all over the world, loss of lives and an increasing trend is observed in the number of cases.

Our company within the scope of the fight against COVID-19; contributing to the fight against the epidemic of the whole world; minimizing and controlling the spread of the outbreak; aims to protect public health and to mitigate the negative socio-economic effects of the epidemic.

Our company, which has been successful in the vending production sector for years, has made a serious breakthrough in health and hygiene with the Pugemak-HygieneMatic Hand Disinfectant Automats it has produced.

Our goal is to protect our future and our health.


Mehmet Akay – CEO


Our company started its activities in 1994, has been developing different kind of automats by composing its strong social side, information and experiences with ARGE works.

One of these automats is Pugedon-Hygienematic.

Pugemak-Hygienematic is a hand hygiene automat aiming people’s being protected against epidemic infection diseases . When the automat is approached, it measures the person’s fever and then, when people stretch out their hand, disinfects hands without contact.

Our main goal for developing Pugemak-HygieneMatic ,is to reduce negative effects of epidemic diseases such as Coronavirus (covıd-19) which emerged in Wuhan, China and rapidly spread worldwide, has become a global epidemic.We experienced this situation’s effects to firstly our health and to our social and economical lives.

Unfortunatey,while so many people dying around the World,many other people received treatment in intensive care and still going on.So,personal hygiene gained so much importance.

Although the spread of coronavirus decreases, more importance should be given to health and personal hygiene in the future.For this reason,we aim to place Pugemak-Hygienematic on every open and closed areas and want every person to use it fastly and practically.

By cooperating with our governement’s authorized instutions,we aim to use Pugemak-Hygienematic in many areas of our social lives.

So,While reducing epidemic diseases’speed,we also believe that we can support to society health.

Our goal is to support help to live in more healthy World.


It performs “fire measurement” with infrared sensor, non-contact and safely. It reflects the measurement result to the screen.

It makes “hand disinfectant” quickly and reliably with photocell contactless mechanism.

Works with Electric Energy.


In case of any malfunction you can call our phone numbers to request support from our teams.

As the manufacturer and developer, we carry out the maintenance of the vending machines in accordance with the agreements made. However, the institutions / companies that have the right to use the vending machine can perform their inspections and maintenance on the instructions we have specified.


The vending cabinet is 1.0 mm. It is produced from sheet iron and painted with oven paint.

Width 0,60 m. Length 0,30 m. Height 1.60 m.

Its weight is 40 kg.

20.000 hand hygiene is done with a single disinfectant filling.

It works with electrical energy.

When it comes to the front of vending machine, the person’s fever is measured and the degree is reflected on the screen.

Disinfectant tank is 20 lt.

Thanks to the sensors, it does not require hand contact when applying.

(Optionally, each spot can disinfect a different spot advertisement, this number is limited to 10)

Instant access to data such as the number of people who measure their fever and disinfect their hands using the vending machine, the condition of the disinfectant tank, ambient temperature is provided.

The panel with this information is accessed through our website or mobile application with username and password.

If this information is requested, it is reported by our company and forwarded to the relevant institution/person.



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